Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still here.........just on hiatus from physical discipline. The baby is due within the next 3 weeks and he's afraid to trigger labor. We're struggling through a move, the pregnancy, some issues with my oldest daughter(from my first marriage), my mother(just a little on the weirded out demanding side), his mother(moderate Alzheimer's that's suddenly gone to pretty severe), a pregnant dog, breeding goats...how do you balance everything? How do you make all the puzzle pieces fit in, and still have that mentality of head of household/submissive wife? I realize we were still wrapping our brains around the totality of domestic discipline, but it's a struggle for me right now.



  1. I totally understand your point. I have two kids, I am pregnant at this moment, my dog is also pregnant :) and my parents for economical reasons are living with us for two months!!!
    I still have to be the submissive, sweet wife our relationship and my hoh expect from me. It is hard at times. Even after having my husband being very understanding about my issues, I am obligated to continue to work in my submission.
    And as hard as it sees to manage all this and my submission. I believe living this lifestyle help me keep everything under control.

  2. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  3. We all are always here to support you.

  4. It can be such a crazy balancing act can't it?
    I wish you luck with it all and hope everything goes well with the baby.