Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spanking trolls

I've had it. I left all the e-groups today. I am so tired of people popping in to my IM messenger asking if they can spank me when my husband isn't home, or if my husband will spank them,. I'm tired of "Well THIS is how I like to lecture my women when I do it." and insistence that I should ALWAYS be wearing dresses, or have my hair long, braided, not braided, whatever they think.

It disturbs me to hear of women who are widowed, so their 20 year old sons spank them in lieu of the father, or when single women allow other women(or men) to discipline their teenaged daughters. I'm tired of being asked how my bottom is, if I've had any good spankings lately, or how often and how my children get spanked. It aggravates me that they are telling me that our children should be allowed to watch me get spanked so I can be humiliated to tears. That is NOT what this life is about for me, and I am so tired of others assuming that they know what works best in MY life.


Today I went over the edge. I responded to someone who's wife told HIM how not to do something, and he replied privately to ME telling me that being belligerent was unacceptable. Um, dude, your wife is the one telling YOU how to do things. I said that I didn't feel my husband and I were even to a point where I could give feedback to him without it being construed as me being bossy, and he assumed it meant I was...despite the fact that I stated quite emphatically that I adore being submissive to my husband, strive to meet the standards that HE is able to bring to our marriage at this time, and want to do my best to please him and help him assume his place as head of our household.

Where do you get that I am being belligerent in any of that?

Why are people such troglodytes?


  1. This is exactly why I left forums!!
    There is no right or wrong way to have a DD relationship. What works for you and your HOH may not be right for others but if it works for you then that is all that matters.
    Don't let the neigh sayers get you down!

  2. Yeah, that's messed up. I've never tried any of those sites, but there's people like that everywhere. NOT OK!!

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  4. Good writing. Thanks for sharing