Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving to remember

Unfortunately, he's on the road today.

I confessed my poor attitude. I didn't expect the effect it had. He spent the afternoon chopping wood, which left me feeling rather neglected, which resulted in more pouting/anger. I actually told him I was feeling.............peckish. Having hens and a poor hen-pecked rooster, he understood exactly what I was talking about.

I ended up with lines to write while he showered-over the end of the bed, naked, and while the session wasn't all that hard or painful, it was one of the better ones for me personally. He SCOLDED. He chastised. He asked me more who was in charge? Who makes the rules? What happens when the rules are ignored? And OH did he expect a verbal answer. He reprimanded severely and it affects me so much when he does that. The more verbal sessions we've had always leave me a teary mess.

I've also been told that if my attitude-unconcious or not-doesn't improve, there will be consequences and he will find a way to motivate me when he's not home. Just the idea that he's thinking about it seems to thrill me to no end.

Who knew I'd ever be thankful for a sore backside?

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  1. Hi. I completely understand about the scolding. The displeased tone in his voice, telling you what behavior you WILL NOT repeat next time. Before we ever discussed spanking as a lifestyle and not just for pleasure, he would scold me when I was really in trouble with him. So now, when he scolds while spanking, it hurts even worse.